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Paul HookerQ&A With Paul Hooker

What´s the most important direction in bedding today?

Value. Our customer demands luxurious quality, but today more than ever they want the value that we have always offered. I've always considered SFERRA "affordable luxury."

How important is thread count?

Not important. There are production techniques designed to create high thread count while providing inferior product. Never buy based solely on thread count.

What´s the biggest mistake most people make in making the bed?

Thinking there is just one way to do it. Drop the inhibitions and have fun making your bed. Allow it to speak to your personality with various decorative pillows and throws that you really love.

What´s always on your bedside table?

Being a tech/gadget guy and a lover of baseball, my iPhone4 is there loaded with the Major League Baseball Package, allowing me to watch any game being played. Who could ask for more?

How does Sferra today reflect your personal aesthetic?

The product we introduce must appeal to me personally on one or more levels. Our creative director, Aaron Stewart, does a fantastic job of keeping the collection focused.

How many pillows make a perfect bed?

There is no perfect bed nor way to accessorize it. Pillows are a fun element to give the bed depth and interest. Most prefer to have height at the top and graduating down in size.

Sferra On Caring For Fine Linens

Pre-wash bed linens before first use. Wash most linens in warm water with mild detergent on a gentle cycle with a cold-water rinse. Shake out damp linens before placing in dryer, and never use a high heat setting, which weakens the fibers. Remove while still slightly damp to minimize wrinkles; smooth and fold, or iron if desired. Machine wash table linens in hot water for whites, cold for colors, using pure soap in soft water, gentle detergent in hard water. Use oxygenated bleach for whites only ? chlorine bleach can weaken the fabrics and cause yellowing. Delicate lace and embellished linens should be

placed in a pillowcase or a mesh laundry bag before machine washing. Tumble dry low until slightly damp or, if possible, line dry in the sun to keep linen at its whitest. Machine wash towels in cold water, using a detergent without chlorine bleach. Never use fabric softener or dryer sheets, which leave a residue that can make towels less absorbent. Store bed linens in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area. Roll linen tablecloths on cardboard tubes or hang on hangers. Avoid plastic bags or boxes, which can cause permanent yellowing; natural fibers need to breathe.