How to Hang Art
How to Hang Art
  • Tips on writing a perfect thank-you note (because you can’t text everything).

  • A handwritten thank-you is a must for a gift or a special evening (either at a restaurant or in someone’s home). But it’s also a wonderful response anytime someone does something special for you, even if they just listened or provided support on a bad day.

  • Don’t be intimidated by a blank piece of stationery. Draft your note first on the computer or a legal pad. Edit, adjust, tweak – then copy it onto your personalized paper. We guarantee this is much faster than staring at a blank correspondence card, trying to compose the perfect wording in your head.
  • It’s easiest to start with “Thank you for…” but you can customize, too: “I really appreciate…” or “Your gift (or gesture, or kindness) made my day.”
  • A compliment means a lot. Tell them not only how much you like the gift or enjoyed the evening, but how imaginative or thoughtful they were to think of it.
  • Close with a simple “Thank you again” and a comment about getting together soon (if that’s appropriate).
  • Keep all your thank-you necessities together: notepad for drafts, stationery, stamps, return-address embosser or labels.
  • Write thank-you’s within 48 hours – period. The longer you wait, the more difficult (and embarrassing) it is.

  • How to Hang Art     How to Hang Art

How To Write The Perfect Thank You