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What inspired your Raj pendant lights?

The China Club in Hong Kong along with 500-year-old Asian lanterns. We added a fresh twist with current silks and linens. Hanging a bunch of them in the corner of a room looks absolutely beautiful.

Lotus flowers have inspired several of your lighting designs ? what is it about them that intrigues you?

The Lotus Flowers remind us of the finials capping the top of the Stupas in Burma and are like the unfolding or blossoming of the mind. Through all of our travels we saw this design repeated in the architecture of southeast Asia.

We?re intrigued with the paper-over-wood Cora and faux horn tables ? how are these made?

This is a special process we worked on for a while where we take photos of the actual materials and laminate them on a wood top. Then we add a heavy polyurethane to create a really finished beautiful look that has incredible lasting quality.

What is your favorite material or finish, and why?

We love working in eclectic, exotic materials from around the world. Our twisted vine, mother of pearl, bronze, faux horn, leather and glass all work depending on the environment.

What lighting do you have in your own home?

We have two of the faux horn lamps on our console table in our dining room, mercury glass pendants over our dining table, and floor lamps with linen shades in the entertainment/play room.


  1. Make lighting the jewelry for the room and keep it eclectic.

  2. Everybody looks better with portable lighting verses overhead lights.

  3. Use low wattage in your lamps when entertaining.

  4. The shades should look good whether the light is on or off; we love working with silk and linen because the quality of the fabric is important to the finished piece.

  5. A dark shade can lend a more dramatic look to a room, more for mood rather then reading by.

  6. A lighter shade is going to light up a room, casting light not just up and down but glowing through the shade as well.

Jamie Young