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Sitting Japanese Doll


Sitting doll has wooden head, hands, and feet with gofun finish. The eyes are most likely glass. Doll is elaborately dressed in orange and purple brocade with golden accents. A turned wooden peg finished in black lacquer supports the doll in a seated position. Doll is approximately 50-70 years old. Handle carefully as head will detach from body. 7"W x 5"D x 7.75"T. From Japan.

Historical Background
Hina Matsuri, or doll festival, is more commonly known as Girl's Day and is celebrated every March 3. Girls throughout Japan display their doll collections for a few days to celebrate this festival. The Boy's Festival (Tango no Sekku) is celebrated on May 5. Families pray for the health and future success of their sons by hanging up carp streamers and displaying samurai dolls, both symbolizing strength, power, and success in life.

Gofun is powder mixed with ground oyster shell. The gofun is then mixed with glue and applied to the wooden faces, hands, and feet to achieve the desired look.


Sitting Japanese Doll



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