How to Hang Art
How to Hang Art
  • Advice from our Design Team on how to make your guest room cozy and chic.

  • Most important: Provide a comfortable place to sleep. Replace the kids’ old bunks with a queen-size bed (at minimum). If you can’t buy a new bed, make sure the mattress is well-made.

  • Personalize pillow cases and/or sheets with a whimsical greeting (“Good Morning,” “Good Night,” “Sleep Well,”  etc.).

  • Stock the closet with extra pillows, cases, blankets and quilts, and padded hangers.

  • Make sure the dresser and nightstand aren’t cluttered with your own collectibles, so your guests have space for their own things. And if you use the guest-room drawers for storage, don’t forget to empty a couple when company is coming.

  • Guests need a place to sit besides the bed. A bench is perfect, since it can also hold luggage for unpacking and repacking.

  • Include enough lighting to give the room a cozy glow – a lone ceiling fixture won’t do. Place a lamp on each side of the bed, and one on the dresser. A small lamp on the bathroom counter can serve as a pretty nightlight.

  • High-quality faux floral arrangements add color without the need to refill the vase. For fragrance, reed diffusers are a better choice than candles. You might add a bottle of scented linen spray, too.

  • Place a pitcher of filtered water and two glasses on a pretty tray. Even better: Stock a small refrigerator with beverages.

  • Stack towels in a tray on the bathroom counter, along with fresh soaps and a couple of glasses.

  • Thank goodness for wall-mounted flat-screen TV’s! They are perfect for space-challenged guest rooms, and our specially designed wall cabinets are a great way to camouflage them.