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Spotlight On Good Nights

Find everything you need for the best rest in our curated collection of the finest mattresses, pillows & bed linens.


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A high-quality mattress is the foundation of blissful slumber—and Horchow now offers an array of luxurious options. When it comes to sleep preferences, everyone is different. Choosing the right mattress for you is the perfect place to start when creating your ideal comfort zone.

Comforter VS. Duvet

A comforter is less expensive in many cases, plus no insert is required; however, with a duvet, you can choose a light, medium, or ultra-warm fill to suit your climate or sleeping preference. It's also easy to change the duvet cover for a new look when the mood strikes.

Sheet Smarts

There's more to quality than thread count. Which weave is right for you? Sateen is soft, lustrous, and silky smooth. Percale sheets are light, crisp, and airy. Type of cotton matters, too. Egyptian cotton and Pima are excellent choices.


Invest in the best pillow for you, whether it's down, a down alternative, or a synthetic fill. Choose a pillow designed specifically for your sleeping position—back, side, or stomach. Whether you like a soft, firm, or somewhere-in-between pillow, we have all types.

Finishing Touches

A blanket, quilt, or coverlet adds an extra layer of style and warmth. Decorative pillows, European shams, and throws can complement a look with a contrasting texture or a pop of color.

Lights out

Consider blackout curtains to seal out the sun and other light sources for a great night's sleep.