Assortment Box

  • $96.00
    More Details 24-piece signature chocolate collection. Includes: Semi-Sweet Chocolate, Semi-Sweet Chocolate Raspberry, Semi-Sweet Chocolate with Walnut, Semi-Sweet Chocolate and Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Espresso, Dark Chocolate with Walnut, White Chocolate Vanilla with Walnut, Dark chocolate with French Gray Salt, Semi-Sweet Chocolate and Caramel with Red Hawaiian Alaea Sea Salt, Peanut Butter with Himalayan Pink Salt, and Walnut Caramel Cluster with Mediterranean Sea Salt. Net. wt. ...
  • $73.00
    More Details The ballotin box was created by Jean Neuhaus and his wife Louise Agostini in 1915. It was designed as an attractive way to present the pralines and to protect them on their way from the chocolate store to their lucky recipient. The Classic ballotin box offers a tempting chocolate assortment of 34 pieces, with praline, ganache and gianduja fillings that will appeal to any chocolate lover. Net. wt. 16.01 ounces. Made in Belgium.
  • $49.95
    More Details A Godiva Assorted 36-piece Chocolate Gold Gift Box tied with festive red ribbon is the ultimate chocolate gift! Filled with 36 exceptionally crafted chocolate pieces, it's an iconic Christmas gift sure to make any lucky recipient smile. Each white chocolate, dark chocolate, and milk chocolate piece is made with classic Belgian fillings of rich ganaches, creamy pralins, luscious caramels, sweet fruits and crunchy nuts. Chocolate lovers will be thrilled to see this gorgeous gold chocolate ...
  • $990.00
    More Details Set of six assorted champagne flutes including Massna, Chteau Baccarat, Harcourt - Eve, Diamant, Mille Nuits & Vga. Handcrafted of lead crystal. Hand wash. Made in France.
  • $29.95
    More Details A Godiva 19-piece Assorted Chocolate Gold Gift Box is a chocolate Christmas gift that will be enjoyed and appreciated by anyone on your list. This beloved gold chocolate gift box is tied with a beautiful red ribbon and filled with 19 exquisite gourmet chocolates, including white chocolates, milk chocolates, and dark chocolates. Enjoy the most delicious fillings, like Godiva's world-famous pralins, luscious caramels, and fruits and nuts. Chocolate lovers will adore this classic gourmet ...
  • $89.00
    More Details Five cheese and crackers assortment gift box. Wasatch back jack (spicy pepper jack), cascade raw, snake creek extra sharp, smoked jalapeño bacon cheddar and vanilla bean cheddar. Weighs 1.9 lbs. Serves 10; 3-oz. serving size. Made in the USA.
  • $40.00
    More Details A sweet treat for friends or family who adore white chocolate: our beautiful gift box filled with 22 creamy white chocolates in exceptionally delicious flavors. Know someone who is the first to choose the white chocolates from the box? White chocolate devotees will adore a chocolate gift that's filled exclusively with their favorite type of chocolate. Our 22-piece White Chocolate Gift Box includes an assortment of our finest white chocolates made with the highest quality ...
  • $28.00
    More Details EXCLUSIVELY OURS. Handcrafted seven-piece assorted chocolate collection. Box: 5.3"W x 4.4"D x 1.5"T. Net. wt. 7.2 ounces. Shelf life: 6 months. Made in the USA.
  • $30.00
    More Details Delight loved ones with a chocolate gift of our legendary Assorted Chocolate Gold Gift Box. Gourmet chocolates presented in an elegant gold gift box will thrill lucky friends and family. Our 19-piece Assorted Chocolate Gold Gift Box is an exquisite mix of treasured chocolate pieces, featuring milk chocolates, dark chocolates, and white chocolates with delectable fillings like silky ganaches, creamy pralins, rich caramels, fruits, and nuts. This box includes GODIVA favorites like Milk ...
  • $50.00
    More Details Surprise someone special with a gift of gourmet chocolates in dark, milk and white chocolate with decadent Belgian fillings presented in our iconic gold gift box with gold ribbon. Give a gift that will be thoroughly enjoyed! Our iconic gold gift box filled with 36 exceptional chocolates in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate is sure to deliver an extraordinary taste experience. Each chocolate piece offers an exciting flavor profile. You'll discover unique combinations ...
  • $29.95
    More Details A beautiful 12-piece box of Limited Edition Godiva Holiday Truffles is designed to wow friends and family who love the luscious taste of chocolate truffles. Inside a festive green and gold gift box is an exquisite chocolate assortment of delectable Belgian chocolate truffles in mouthwatering flavors: Salted Caramel, Roasted Almond, Christmas Cookie, Cranberry, Tiramisu, and Milk Chocolate. Gourmet chocolate truffles are an excellent Christmas candy gift and will delight anyone on your ...
  • $70.00
    More Details The perfect host gift! Impress with this assortment of bonbons and confections. Gift includes a 15-piece Artist collection, 2 of our handcrafted candy bars, and a caramel collection. Net. wt. 1 lb 3 oz. Shelf life: 6 weeks. Box: 11.5"L x 8.5"W x 1.75"T. Made in the USA of imported materials.
  • $34.95
    More Details Add a festive spirit to holiday gatherings with this Godiva Limited Edition Holiday Chocolate Collection, 16 delectable chocolate pieces hand selected for this exceptional Christmas chocolate box. This special box includes exceptionally delicious milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate pieces, with three new melt-in-your-mouth chocolates from the Sparkle Collection, including two each of these delightful new holiday flavors: White Raspberry, sweet raspberry preserves enrobed in ...
  • $45.00
    More Details Assortment of five teas and one infusion includes: The Sandman's Rooibos, Earl Grey & Blue Flowers, Sencha, Imperial Darjeeling F.O.P., Lemon Sorbet-Spearmint, and Mint Tea. Approx. 1.8"L x 6.8"W x 9"T. 36 bags total. Net. wt. 2.5 ounces. Shelf life: 1095 days. Made in France.
  • $40.00
    More Details Discover crunchy nuts and luscious caramels in this 19-piece box of chocolates featuring mouthwatering milk and dark chocolate pieces. Chocolate lovers who crave crunchy nuts, creamy pralins and luscious caramels will be overjoyed when you present them with this delectable chocolate giftour Assorted Chocolate Nut and Caramel Gift Box featuring 19 gourmet chocolates in milk and dark chocolate that offer the ultimate chocolate experience for nut and caramel lovers. Inside this beautiful gift ...
  • $40.00
    More Details This Hanukkah gift looks as good as it tastes! With foil-wrapped chocolate stars, golden gelt and mouthwatering turquoise treats, it's a topnotch hostess gift. Includes: Light Blue & White Mint Twists Dark Blue & White Mint Twists Chanukah Coin Bag Hershey's Kisses Brand Chocolate Coating Caramel Silver Balls Chocolate Coating Caramel Gold Balls Assorted Foil Wrapped Hard Candy Chocolate Gold Stars Made in the USA.
  • $40.00
    More Details Our beautiful gift box filled with 22 gourmet milk chocolates makes an elegantand delicious!chocolate gift. Silky smooth milk chocolates in the most satisfying flavors and textures is what you'll find in our 22-piece Assorted Milk Chocolate Gift Box. Fun to give and even better to receive, this gorgeous gift box is designed to please the chocolate lovers in your life. Delight friends and family with this delectable box of creamy milk chocolates with exquisite fillings. ...
  • $40.00
    More Details Dark, decadent and oh-so-delicious, our 22-piece Assorted Dark Chocolate Gift Box is a dark chocolate lover's dream gift. Designed for dark chocolate devotees, our Dark Chocolate Gift Box features some of our favorite dark chocolate pieces created to delight the senses. This 22-piece chocolate gift is filled with dark chocolate pieces in fabulous flavors and satisfying textures. GODIVA favorites include: Midnight Swirl, velvety ganache made with 85% chocolate in a dark chocolate shell; ...