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We know you have lots of options when it comes to buying home furnishings online, so we thought we’d introduce ourselves and share a bit of our philosophy and our background, so you’ll know where we stand—and that you can count on us and our commitment to you. After all, your home is your ultimate comfort zone, so it only makes sense that you get comfortable with where you buy the pieces that define your style and create your sanctuary.


We’ve been selling exceptional home furnishings since 1973. And while styles may have changed over the years, our dedication to bringing you unique, high-quality choices has never wavered. Why? Because home is an expression of ourselves, and cookie-cutter solutions and short-term commitments just won’t do. So whether the pieces we offer are from one of the luxury brands you know or from an outstanding artisan we’ve discovered, you can be sure they meet the highest standards of design and long-lasting value.


But just because we take design and quality seriously, that doesn’t mean we don’t realize fun should always be part of the equation. Home is your happy place, so however you define it, when you’re ready to bring on the smiles with whimsical designs, bright colors, or an unexpected twist on tradition, we can help.


And, speaking of tradition, we know that never means old-fashioned. While we love to provide the unexpected, we’re also constantly searching for new takes on old favorites, those timeless pieces you need to fill in the blanks or build a whole room around.


We also believe that you should treat guests well and make them feel welcome, but you shouldn’t save the good china or the fine sheets for special occasions. Celebrate small moments as well as big ones. Treat yourself as well as you treat others. We love helping you create nurturing spaces you can’t wait to come home to—and family and friends can’t wait to visit.



We also love knowing your style can’t be contained. You can count on us to discover the best of the new fabrics and finishes that let you decorate — and celebrate — without borders.


Because, in the end, comfort and style aren’t mutually exclusive, and what you love should be the only thing that dictates how you decorate. We understand that, and we’re here to help with unique finds, plenty of inspiration, and world-class customer service. We can’t wait for you to get to know us better.