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A gallery wall is a great way to add personality and interest just about anywhere. The living room is a natural choice, but also think entryway, stairway, even a small space like a powder room. A gallery wall can be any size, any shape, and can be created from anything you love.

Basically, there are no rules, but we have a few tips to make creating one easier, and we’ve included some templates here to give you starting points for arrangement ideas.


Vary the size of your pieces for interest or choose one size for a more uniform look. Start with the largest piece in the middle, then add other pieces around it.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match elements. We love a gallery wall that includes mirrors and wall sculptures as well as art, so consider using a range of pieces.

Of course, if you prefer something more classic, stick to similar pieces with matching frames.





Consider textures as well as form and size for extra interest. You might even want to display some pieces on shelves for added dimension.



Once you’ve chosen your pieces, trace each one on Kraft paper, cut out the drawings, and get ready to start taping them on the wall and rearranging them until you get the flow, balance, and look you like best.

Be sure to note where the hangers are on each piece, too—these templates will help when it comes to committing to the nails.



Remember to step back from time to time to keep the overall look in perspective.

Then, once you get the arrangement the way you want it using the templates, hang your pieces.

Most of all, have fun. A gallery wall should speak to your style and lend your personality to the room, so what you like—from the pieces you include to the way you arrange them—is all that really matters.

At Horchow, when we create our gallery walls, we often choose pieces with a similar color palette in order to tie the look together, but don’t be afraid to experiment. If it looks good to you, it’s right.



In most rooms, it’s usually a good rule of thumb to place the first piece at eye level (about 5 feet from the floor), but there aren’t really any restrictions here, either.

If you have high ceilings, you may want to arrange the pieces higher on the wall. For a stairway gallery, arrange the pieces so that they draw your eye up.


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